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We welcome you with open hearts to join us in a joyful and deep exploration of the ancient deities and sites of Malta and Gozo!


Welcome! Welcome! Merħba !


With many years of knowledge and experience between them, a healthy dose of humour and grounded outlook, despite the topics of their Quest; Clare, Faye and Ollie will ensure that you experience Malta and her Temples to the fullest degree in a way that they hope will evoke an awakening memory of something forgotten within you, a connection, a healing, or perhaps just a wonderful experience and time spent with like minded souls on a beautiful island at Summer Solstice.


We will give you our full attention and will hold you in a safe space so that you may witness all that beauty around and, indeed, within you. We will welcome you with authenticity, humour and honesty and ask that you come with an open heart ready to receive whatever it is that you personally need from this Quest. 


You may not know what you need, you may just be drawn to come and experience this with us and the reason will manifest itself at a later date and we welcome you!

We will make sure that you are grounded after any activations and energy and /or sound work. Dark chocolate is a powerful grounding tool for Faye! 


To keep you safe and grounded and to help you experience these beautiful sites and Malta in full, we have:

Faye, who is a highly experienced empathic, sensitive, grounded space holder and channel and is very attuned with everything, including the energies of the Temples. She also has a mischievous humour and is very down to earth. 


Clare, who is highly knowledgeable about the Temples, their energies and Malta and is also very attuned, grounded and sensitive and is more of a channel than she openly admits to being! Clare has been visiting Malta and her Temples for over 20 years so is highly attuned to them. Ollie is Clare's husband and he will be safely transporting you from site to site in a minibus and is also knowledgeable about stone masonry and more. Faye and Ollie love swimming in the sea so they will be encouraging swimming stops whenever possible... bring your suits if you like water! 


More About Your Hosts

Clare Annaly

Clare Annaly is is Maltese/British, based in the UK and has been visiting and connecting with these ancient Maltese energies for over 40 years. She has a deep understanding and connection to Malta and the Temples in it. She has also recently started the Egyptian Temple of Ma-at UK after becoming a Kemetic Priestess and visiting Egypt connecting to the ancient Egyptian deities. She has strong links to both Egypt and Malta.

Faye Bradbury

Faye Bradbury has been a healing channel connected to energy systems, the natural world and sound all her life. She is a vocal channel and a fully qualified sound medicine carrier & practitioner and shamanic practitioner with many years of experience working professionally in these fields. She is a highly experienced retreat and workshop facilitator and has worked with a wide spectrum of people from all over the world and in different energy sites and ancient sites both in the UK and Europe, Aotearoa and Canada.

Ollie Annaly

Ollie Annaly is Clare’s husband and is an architectural stone mason and international sculptor and works on conservation projects throughout Europe.

He can advise about the stone construction techniques at the Temples, types of stone used etc. However, for this trip, he is mainly our driver and logistics provider.

Want To Know A Bit More About Us?

Clare and Faye have many wide and varied interests, they both sing with a Native North American style Pow Wow singing team here in the UK , Faye since 2012 and Clare since she was a teenager! 

Clare is a pow wow dancer (different Native American dance styles) and has danced at powwows in North America. Clare has also sung and danced at many Pow Wows in Europe over the years and Faye has also sung at a Swedish powwow. Clare designs and makes her own dresses, moccasins, belts, bags, beadwork and more for her Pow Wow regalia. She loves ancient sites and the histories surrounding them and is a sun-worshipper ! Clare has had a life long interest in Ancient Egypt has recently started a local Egyptian Temple group. She has a gorgeous dog that she adores and lives in a beautiful part of  The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, where you can see the trees and hear the wind rolling through their leaves. She loves eating fresh, organic veg out of her garden. 

Faye also sings/channels vocals with some other strong women in a collective called The Wild Hearts Rose Project (which comes under the umbrella of Sun Drum) whenever they get together at some of the conscious festivals that she works at in the summers. Vocal sounding and toning is one of Faye's passions and she runs workshops called Free Your Voice, Sound Your Soul... deep healing dives into blockages around our voices.  She loves making bespoke medicine/shamanic/handheld drums and rattles for people. She is also an artist and writer. She loves warm weather, nature, rocks, stones, feathers and shells, driftwood, the sea and plants, trees and bugs and animals in all their glory and lives on a beautiful country estate in south Herefordshire where she runs with horses, chickens, dogs and has a frog who eats slugs for her in her garden.

Ollie is passionate about sculpture and carves great things in stone and snow. He has worked on many heritage sites restoring  stone.  He also is a very talented carver and every year competes in stone and snow sculpture competitions and symposiums with the best around the world. He has been to China, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Norway, US and more with his work. He likes swimming in the sea and love, love, loves trying out different cheeses as well as deep love of independent rock music.

We all love animals and love travelling and exploring and watching sunsets and sunrises and laughing our heads off.


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